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STW6000 / What Web server devices can be connected?

For Web server-compatible connected devices and software operation check, see the table below.
Company (Brand)Connected deviceSoftwareNative Web ServerWebVisuRemark
Schneider ElectricPLCModicon M241EcoStruxure Machine Expert
(CodeSys WebVisu)
Tested model: TM241CE24T
Modicon M258Tested model: TM258LD42DT
PLCModicon M172EcoStruxure Machine Expert - HVAC (CodeSys WebVisu)Tested model: TM172PDG42S + TM172ASCTB42 (Screw Terminal Block)
Variable Speed DriveATV930Native web server-*Drive products only have native web server.
SCADA with Mobile Access Thin ClientsBLUE Open Studio-*SCADA software
EcoStruxure Machine SCADA Expert-*SCADA software
SmartX ControllerSmartX Controller - AS-PBuilding Operation Workstation( with STW6 system version V1.1.0
- Connection is OK when Https is disabled in SmartX Controller
- Very slow if connect to built-in application (this is not a target for Basic Web HMI)
WagoPLCPFC100 Controllere!COCKPITWago 762-3003 (WAGO HMI) + 750-8101 (WAGO PFC100 Controller)
PanasonicPLCFP7Control Web CreaterTested model number: AFP7CPS31E
Control Web Creater license key (part number: AFPSWCKEY)
IDECPLCFC6A PluswindLDRTested model: FC6AD16R1CEE
SANYO DENKIServo SystemsSMC100-AController setup tool: SANMOTION C Software Tool (V1.0.0)-Tested model: SANMOTION SMC100-A (FW version: