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STW6000 / Could you tell me the features that can be configured on a browser?

The features that can be configured on a browser are as follows;


BrightnessAdjusts the brightness, from 1 (bright) to 16 (dark). The default setting is [1].
Screen SaverSet up the screen saver status for when the time defined in Timer elapses.
Thedefault setting is [None].
None: No screen saver.
Backlight Off: Turn off the backlight.
TimerEnter the amount of time from the last screen input until the screen saver starts
up. You can enter from 1 to 30 minutes.


BuzzerEnable or disable the buzzer that sounds when you perform touch-panel
operations. The default setting is [Enable].
Touch CalibrationIf [Enable] is selected, when this product restarts the calibration setting screen
appears. Follow the instructions on the screen to run calibration. After calibration
is complete, this product restarts. The default setting is [Disable].
Keyboard TypeSelect the USB keyboard type. The default setting is [101].
101: Alphanumeric keyboard
106: Japanese input keyboard


ModeSet up the screen status at startup. To define an image, select [Image], for no image display select [None]. The default setting is [Image].
DataWhen Mode is set to [Image], touch Load to select the image to display from
USB storage. The image must meet the following criteria.
File size: Maximum 12 MB
File format: png
Image resolution: Maximum 2048 x 2048. Create the image with a resolution
that matches the display resolution.
NOTE: Requires saving the image with the file name “BootImg.png” to the root
folder in USB storage.
Delay TimeEnter the time until the page defined in Server → Start Page (see page 85) is
displayed after this product restarts. You can enter from 0 to 60 seconds.
By setting the Delay Time, you can show the startup status until the Web server
is running.
Show Progress Bar Enable or disable the progress bar displayed during screen startup. The default
setting is [Enable].


Start PageSelect the Web server screen that appears at startup. The default setting is
Server listRegister Web servers of devices connected to the same Intranet. You can register
up to 10 Web servers.
Name: Maximum 32 characters
URL: Maximum 256 characters
Software keyboard: Enable or disable the software keyboard.
NOTE: HTTPS communication is not supported.


DHCPSelect [Enable] to automatically get the IP address for this product from a DHCP
server on the same Intranet. To specify a static IP address, select [Disable]. The
default setting is [Disable].
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Set the static IP address and subnet mask. With these settings, the product’s
network address and the Intranet network address must be the same.
Example (bold text indicates numbers that are the same)
Network Address:
Subnet Mask:
STW6000 Series
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
External Device
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default GatewayEnter the IP address of the default gateway.
DNS Settings
DNS Server
Sets up how to get the IP address from the DNS server. When [Auto] is selected,
the IP address is automatically defined. When [Manual] is selected, enter the
DNS server IP address in the DNS Server field. The default setting is [Manual].
NOTE: When you want to select [Auto], first set DHCP to [Enable].
MAC AddressDisplays the MAC address on the product.


PasswordFor changing the password.
The types of characters you can use are as shown below. Spaces are not
Number of characters: 6 or more, up to 32
Available characters
Lowercase letters: a to z
Uppercase letters: A to Z
Numbers: 0 to 9
Characters: - _
NOTE: Do not lose the password. If you lose the password, contact customer support for assistance.
Load DefaultReturns to the factory default settings.
NOTE: The password and startup image set up in the Boot screen are not affected.
Backup ConfigurationSave the settings to USB storage. Insert storage to the USB (Type A) port, and
touch this button. The settings are saved with the file name “WTCONF0D.DAT”
to the root folder in USB storage.
Restore ConfigurationRestores the settings saved on USB storage. Insert storage to the USB
(Type A) port, and touch this button. Requires settings be saved with the file
name “WTCONF0D.DAT” to the root folder in USB storage.
Update SystemUpdates the system with the system file saved on USB storage. You can
download the latest system files from our website.
The following are the system update files.
These files should be stored at the root folder in USB storage.

Login Statistics

Current UsageDisplays the accumulated time from when you first turned on the product to
your current log in to the Configuration Menu.
Previous UsageDisplays the accumulated time from when you first turned on the product to
the time you previously logged in to the Configuration Menu.
No. of failed loginDisplays the number of unsuccessful login attempts from the last successful
login to this login.
Export Log DataSaves log data. Attach the storage device to the USB (Type A) port and
touch the button. Exported log data is saved to the root folder in USB storage as “WTLOG0D.CSV”.
Check Export Log DataLog data saved to USB storage includes code to prevent falsifying data.
Touch this button to check if the exported log data has been tampered with.
[Good] displays when there has been no data tampering. [Invalid] displays
when there may have been some data tampering. You may have to check
on how data is managed at your company.


Version/Network/License informationDisplays the system version of this product, network information
such as the IP address, and license information of the software
used in the product.

For more information, please refer to "STW6000 Series Hardware Manual", Chapter 7.