Achieve secure remote monitoring (Customer Use Case: PS6000 + BLUE Open Studio)

High FlexibilitySimple VisibilityStrong ReliabilityCase study


User: OEM 
Industry: Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals

Customer problems / pain points addressed

This customer had a problem with collecting data in SQL. They had 3 components, 1)PLC, 2)HMI, and 3)IPC, for software to measure and analyze the smoke structure and dust counter.


  • Collect data to SQL database
  • Simplified architecture
  • Add remote maintenance capability with security


  • Connectivity: IT (SQL), OT (PLC and Gas/dust detectors)
  • Expandability: 3 x COM for OT connection, and 2x SDD for RAID (Secure collected data)
  • Visualization: Visualize status and analyzed data with Industrial Graphics
  • Remote Monitoring: Secure connection with Cybersecurity
  • Simplified architecture
  • Add remote maintenance capability with security

Download the leaflet to learn more.


Download the leaflet to learn more

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