Certification and feature for harsh environment (Customer Use Case: PS6000 + BLUE Open Studio)

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User: OEM
Industry: Pharma Machine

Customer problems / pain points addressed

IPC need to operate in harsh environment.
The machine will be spraying water on machine.
Currently separating display and box, due to lot of case used in zone 2 env.
End user demand fault tolerance solution with RAID configuration.


  • Waterproof display IPC
  • Certification of zone 2 environment as whole IPC
  • RAID1 feature


  • P6 display protection with IP66F has given confidence to approve in cleaning process
  • IECEx / ATEX for Display and Box has helped customer to keep IPC integrated on machine. This will avoid data communication delay of Box and Display
  • Hot swappable RAID feature fulfill the demand specification from end users

Download the leaflet to learn more.


Download the leaflet to learn more

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