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Pro-face Human Machine Interface by Schneider Electric has become the preferred choice chemical supply equipment in Semiconductor for Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology for its great efficiency, cost-effectiveness, acid and corrosion-resistance, and painlessly integration with software and hardware updates.

Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology


  • To provide efficient and cost-effective human-machine interfaces and systems to meet the needs of chemical supply equipment in Semiconductor
  • Pro-face human-machine system is acid and corrosion-resistant, durable, with high touch accuracy, and requires less frequent calibration
  • New equipment systems and software are automatically connected, eliminating the need for manual updates and increasing the willingness to upgrade



Project Background

Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology is a leading brand in chemical supply systems, providing system design, planning, and integration for solvent, acid, corrosive solvent, and other supply systems in factories.

Pioneer to use Pro-face Human Machine Interface

The human-machine interface is an important bridge for personnel and equipment to operate and communicate. Cica-Huntek began using Schneider Pro-face human-machine interface for one major reason which is when Japanese manufacturers deploy machines, most of them have already equipped with Pro-face human-machine interface. This shows that Pro-face has good quality and has gained the recognition and approval of Japanese manufacturers.

In addition, high-purity chemicals require equipment that can resist corrosion during supply, mixing, dilution and other processes to avoid malfunctions or accidents. The Pro- face system is resistant to strong acids, not easily damaged, and is undoubtedly the preferred choice for Cica-Huntek in choosing a partner.

Solutions and Results:

  1. Pro-face HMI system has high efficiency and high cost-effectiveness. Even the entry-level models have achieved the high-level functions of other brands
  2. Pro-face HMI system is corrosion-resistant and can still operate normally even when facing strong acid leakage
  3. The hardware and software performance of Pro-face HMI system are outstanding. The screen is not easily damaged or displaced, and the software compatibility is high, providing a more reliable user experience than other brands

Pro-face HMI system's high efficiency and high cost-effectiveness enable entry-level models to showcase advanced features

The biggest attraction of Pro-face HMI system for Cica-Huntek is its high efficiency and high cost-effectiveness.

Pro-face HMI system is reasonably priced with a high cost-performance ratio. Some entry-level models have already achieved the functions and standards of high-end interfaces of other brands. Pro-face HMI system has a low damage rate and high reliability, greatly reducing process risks and becoming the first choice for Cica-Huntek.

Pro-face HMI system's corrosion resistance makes operation smoother

As Cica-Huntek’s machines and systems often need to manage corrosive acidic liquids, there have been incidents in the past where hydrochloric acid leaked and corroded the electrical control panel. However, the Pro-face HMI system remained undamaged and can still be used continuously, demonstrating excellent acid resistance. In addition, the Pro-face HMI system complies with the EU ATEX explosion-proof certification, ensuring production stability and reliability.

Outstanding hardware and software performance, screen not easily displaced

During the use of Pro-face human-machine interface by Cica-Huntek, multiple advantages of the hardware were discovered, including the convenience of the interface. Some manufacturers designated the use of other interfaces, which use overlapping images, while the Pro-face human-machine interface has a built-in multi-color light that makes it more convenient to use.
On the touch screen, the Pro-face human-machine interface is less likely to be displaced compared to other brands, as other interfaces often require calibration. However, in the twenty years that Cica-Huntek has been using Pro-face human-machine interface, there have only been two instances of displacement.

Less damage and more reliable than other brands

The touch function of the hardware has high precision and a very low failure rate for the touch panel. There have been no instances of the entire touch panel malfunctioning since its use. Even in the rare event of small sections of panel malfunction, the modular design of the Pro-face SP5000 series supports direct replacement and updating of the panel, which can be quickly and immediately responded to without affecting the normal operability of the equipment in operation. In addition, the Pro-face human-machine interface device connector has excellent versatility, and there is no need to worry about connection problems with other brand devices.

No software updates are required and there are no compatibility issues

In terms of software, updating the Pro-face human-machine interface device will not cause compatibility issues with the system and software. For example, when updating from DOS to the Windows system, the internal software will be directly upgraded without the need for an update, making it painless for customers to switch and greatly increasing their willingness to switch.

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