<Collaboration>Efficient operation by High integration with IAI ELECYLINDER

High FlexibilitySimple VisibilityImprove abilityImprove operation rateReduce costHMI Centric Architecture

Monitor and operate the [Simple Data Setting] screen of Touch panel teaching pendant on Pro-face HMI.

Efficient operation by High integration with IAI ELECYLINDER

Key values

Save time by Efficient operation:

  • HMI can be used as a teaching pendant for IAI ELECYLINDER
  • Operators can monitor not only the status of IAI devices on HMI but also PLC and other controllers status on HMI, too


  • Easy settings of A-acceleration, V-velocity, D-deceleration of forward/backward and position for ELECYLINDER
  • Check the setting status of up to 16 ELECYLINDERs. Individually check the setting status of ELECYLINDER when checking them. Set/Change axis numbers and axis names.
  • Manual Mode (JOG Operation and Inching)
  • Moreover, enabling remote monitoring and operation on a tablet or a PC with Pro-face Remote HMI
[Download]IAI ELECYLINDER-compatible Device Connection Sample

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