Pro-face solutions in a time of global health crisis

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As HMI specialist, this is our mission in a time of global health crisis

Make sure the human interfaces to the machines and system are as safe as possible. But also to leverage our innovative technology to answer the new challenges the entire world population is facing.

4 main challenges for which we are helping

Solution for Contact Reduction

  • <Technical Tips> Touch operations with gloves
  • <HMI Centric Architecture> System to avoid common equipment
  • <HMI Centric Architecture> Less or Zero touch operation by ID card reader


  • <Technical Tips> HMI Screen cleaning recommendations
  • <GP4000R> Rear-mount HMI to keep high sanitary level

Social Distancing

  • <Rich Pro-face Software portfolio> A full set of HMI solutions on personal device
  1. Mobile Access to SCADA by BLUE Open Studio
  2. Mobile Access to HMI or PC by Pro-face Remote HMI / Pro-face Remote HMI for Win /GP-Viewer
  3. Secure Remote Access by Pro-face Connect
  • <HMI Centric Architecture> Stay home while doing efficient maintenance tasks 

Case Study

  • ​Case study for Health Care Industry
    Ventilator / Hospital / Facemask Machine / Pharmaceutical Traceability system


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BLUE Open Studio

Pro-face BLUE Open Studio is a development and runtime software that incorporates all of the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces.

BLUE Open Studio Top

Pro-face Remote HMI

Pro-face Remote HMI is remote monitoring software for mobile and allows you to check equipment information on a tablet or smartphone.

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