Versatile software BLUE 3.3 released

What's New: BLUE 3.3

New Features

  • Text-based Script Authoring
    A text-based authoring environment is now supported for experienced users. You can program how the panel reacts to real-time events such as a touch, screen change, or change in value.

  • Set Keypad Width of the String Keypad
    You can now specify the width of the system string keypad.

Drivers Support

New CPUs are supported in the following driver.
  • Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. - MICREX-SX Series Ethernet
    Support External Equipment firmware version (STEP7 V11-V17)
  • Siemens AG - TIA Portal Ethernet

Cybersecurity Enhancement

  • To protect passwords from anyone trying to steal a peek, when asterisks are displayed for input values, system keypad keys do not invert their display when the key is pressed.