BLUE Features

Visualization Operation - Rich and expressive interfaces and intuitive operation

Anyone can instantly reach easily understandable information.


Responsive design

Zoom out to focus on important information, zoom in for detailed information.

Detailed information with just one step

No need for complicated navigation.

Easily identify patterns with highly flexible graph features

Using various features, including comparisons graphs, can be more expressive than ever before.

High quality graphics

Clearer fonts and screen parts make an obvious difference. The clarity is not affected by zoom level

Smartphone-like operation

Operate the screen with familiar gestures. Easy access to all necessary information

Stylish design

Stylish expression including transparent effects
ST6000 Refined_03

One source, multiple ways to present

Use themes to easily change color set according to a person, place or situation.
ST6000 Simple  Easy_01


Predefined navigation framework for fast and consistent design.

View all needed information at once

BLUE provides means to combine multiple screens to one
ST6000 Simple  Easy_02

Data Access - Effectively use machine information

Make the best of machine information and communicate smoothly with management systems.


Support OPC UA Server

HMI as OPC server can be cooperated with data, connecting to various OPC UA clients.

Cooperate with SCADA and MES

Easily cooperate with host software.

Display information of machines with a browser

Using Web API allows you to monitor machine information on a device with a browser mounted wherever you are.

Connectivity - Many device drivers available

Connect to control devices around the world. Select the driver that meets your needs.


Directly connect to a range of devices as well as PLC

Connect to up to 10 drivers at the same time.

* Up to 4 drivers for GP4000 Series, and up to 2 drivers for GP4100 Series Color Model

Drawing - Reduce time required to create screens with new design methods

Create and customize screens efficiently.


Easy to create gesture screens

Just drag and drop the target objects on the screen.

Reduced time for layout changes

Use grid cell editing can automatically adjust the object's size and location during layout changes.

Easy to set navigation

With the navigation feature, you don't need to create screen change switches.

Easy-to-understand script

Block Script makes visual programming possible.

An abundance of color sets

Easily design integrated machines, using two kinds of themes and 10 kinds of color sets.

Easy action settings of objects

Using the bind feature allows you to configure a range of action settings for objects without programming.