"PS5000 Series plus BLUE Open Studio" will make you save a huge amount of time and money

PS5000 Series and BLUE Open Studio bundle to improve your business.
This offer will help you increase your business opportunities.

* PS5000 Series is the highest performance industrial PC, offering flexible connectivity to a range of devices and design.

1. Full technical support & Integration

Our technical support team will be your single contact for H/W, S/W and OS. This will improve our efficiency to resolve any issues and to provide a better customer support experience.

2. Save time & resources on validation and commissioning

Our bundle offer goes through an extensive series of tests and a strict validation process to ensure not only the quality of the H/W, S/W or OS separately but also as a whole system. This will help you saving time, resources and money on validation and commissioning.

3. Sustainable supply & compatibility

We will continue to supply our product as much as possible. In addition, even if a replacement model comes out, this re-validation phase will be fully executed on our side through a complete validation phase to ensure the compatibility of H/W, S/W and OS. This means that for you, there will be no re-validation needed.

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