License activation - BLUE Open Studio

About License

This is a single license for one PC.
Before use, please read the terms and conditions of the software license agreement displayed at the time of installation.
With commencement of use of the software, you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of the license.

Keep the License Safe

Please keep the license information below in a secure location, as it will not be reissued.

License activation

In order to activate your license, you need to get a Site Key.
To do so, please input your Activation Key and Site Code below.

How to get Site code

You can find the Activation key on this sticker.
The Site Code is located on the BOS v8.0 Register appkication, which can be foundthrough your Windows Start Menu :Start>All Programs>Pro-face>BLUE Open Studio v8.0>BOS v8.0 Register

Chose the [Soft Key] option at [Protection Manager] page, click [Check].
Then click [Change License]
In the [Network Adapter list], select the network adapter which is the computer will use under normal operating conditions.
Protection Manager should use to generate the unique site code.
After inputting in the following form, you will recieve a mail with your Site Key.

Request form for Site Key

Please enter the information required below and click "Confirm".

The site key will be issued in 48 hours by e-mail from "".
Configure settings to receive e-mails from "".
If you don't receive this e-mail, please contact your local office.

To those who need multiple site keys

In order to request multiple site keys in block, enter the following information and send an e-mail to "".

*Please send all Site code, Activation key and Parts Number.
・Site code 1: 
・Activation Key 1: 
・Parts Number 1: 
・Serial Number 1: 

・Site code 2: 
・Activation Key 2: 
・Parts Number 2: 
・Serial Number 2: 

・Site code 3: 
・Activation Key 3: 
・Parts Number 3: 
・Serial Number 3: 

・Your Name: 
・Your email address: 
・Company Name: 
・TEL number: 

We will send an email with site keys written in to your email address within 48 hours. Please wait for a while.
If you don't receive this email, please contact us at either one of the addresses below.