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USB2.0 (Powered from USB bus)
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Rated Input Voltage: 5VDC (powered from USB bus)
Power Consumption: 0.75 W or less
Surrounding Air Temperature: 0 to 55º C (32 to 131º F)
Supported Software: GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.6 or later (GP4000, GP4000M, LT4000M, WinGP)
GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0 or later (SP5000)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 deg C (-4 to 140 deg F)
Environmental Ratings: IP65 UL50E TYPE 4X (Indoor Use Only)
Certifications: CE. CSA, UL, C-tick, KC, Gost-R, RoHS

General Specifications

Supported Standards and Regulations ul_508.gif   ul_508_ansi.gif   safetymark_ce.gif   safetymark_kc.gif   safetymark_ctick.gif   safetymark_gostr.gif
Supported Software GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.6 or later (GP4000, GP4000M, LT4000M, WinGP)
GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0 or later (SP5000)

Electrical Specifications

Power Supply
Rated Input Voltage 5 Vdc (Powered from USB bus)
Input Voltage Limits 4.75 to 5.25 Vdc
Power Consumption 0.75 W or less

Environmental Specifications

Physical Environment
Surrounding Air Operating Temperature 0 to 55 ℃ (32 to 131 ℉)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 ℃ (-4 to 140 ℉)
Surrounding Air and Storage Humidity 10 to 90% RH (Non-condensing, wet bulb temperature 39 ℃ [102.2 ℉] or less)
Dust 0.1 mg/m3 (10-7 oz/ft3) or less (nonconductive levels)
Pollution Degree For use in Pollution Degree 2 environment
Corrosive Gasses Free of corrosive gas
Operating Altitude 2,000m [6,561 ft] or lower
Mechanical Environment
Vibration Resistance IEC/EN 61131-2 compliant
5 to 9 Hz Single amplitude 3.5 mm (0.14 in.)
9 to 150 Hz Fixed acceleration: 9.8 m/s2
X, Y, Z directions for 10 cycles (100 min.)
Concussion Resistance IEC/EN 61131-2 compliant
(147 m/s2, X, Y, Z directions for 3 times)
Electrical Environment
Electrostatic Fast Transient Burst IEC61000-4-4
2 kV Power Port (Display Unit)
1 kV Signal Ports
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity IEC61000-4-2
6 kV Contact Discharge
8 kV Air Discharge

External Specifications

Connector Type Type miniB (socket), USB 2.0 Full Speed
External Dimensions W97.6 x H80.0 x D31.5 mm (W3.84 x H3.15 x D1.24 in.)
Structure *1 IP65 UL50E TYPE 4X (Indoor Use Only)
(on the front panel when properly installed in an enclosure)
Weight 150 g (0.33 lb) or less

*1 The front face of the unit, installed in a solid panel, has been tested using conditions equivalent to the standards shown in the specification. Even though the unit’s level of resistance is equivalent to the UL50E TYPE 4X, oils that should have no effect on the unit can possibly harm the panel. This can occur in areas where either vaporized oils are present, or where low viscosity cutting oils are allowed to adhere to the panel for long periods of time. If the unit’s front face protection sheet peels off, these conditions can lead to the ingress of oil into the unit and separate protection measures are suggested.
Also, if non-approved oils are present, they may cause deformation or corrosion of the front panel’s plastic cover. Therefore, prior to installing the unit, be sure to confirm the type of conditions that will be present in the unit’s operating environment. If the installation gasket is used for a long period of time, or if the unit and its gasket are removed from the panel, the original level of protection cannot be kept. To maintain the original protection level, the periodical maintenance is essential.

A gasket with scratches or dirt could have lost much of its water resistance. The periodical maintenance is essential (e.g. once a year, or as soon as scratches or dirt become visible) for water resistance equivalent to IP65.


mm (in.)

A. Num Key / Function Key

Dimensions with cable

mm (in.)

B. USB (Type miniB) Interface