PFXP6B6B0NAxxxxxxx (12", Atom x6211E model)

Standard product information
Industrial PC (IPC)
PS6000 Series
Global Code
Product Features
12", Atom x6211E model
Industrial PC specifications
Supported OS
Windows10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC (64bit)
Intel Atom Processor X Series, x6211E (Dual Core, 2 Threads, up to 3.00 GHz)
(To enable Turbo Boost, refer to Manual.)
L2 cache memory
Main Memory
4GB Dual channel DDR4, Up to 3200 MHz (In-Band ECC supported)
260-pin DDR4 SO-DIMM socket x 2, (Up to 16 GB/socket, up to 32 GB for 2 sockets)
Storage Memory
M.2 SSD SATA x 1, M.2 Key B , Type 2242
SATA speed: 6 Gb/s, 3 Gb/s, 1.5 Gb/s
Graphic Accelerator
Intel UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel Processors
Video Memory
Shared memory (UMA)
Maximum allocation size: Automatic allocation of up to half the installed main memory
Security chip
TPM 2.0
Watchdog timer
Timeout setting from either 1 to 255 seconds, or 1 to 255 minutes, is possible (set up using API)*2

1For the setting of In-Band ECC, refer to Manual.

2The watchdog timer is supported by products with the following system version.

Display specifications
Display Type
Display Size
1,024 x 768 pixels (XGA)
Effective Display Area
W245.76 x H184.32 mm [W9.68 x H7.26 in.]
Display Colors
16 million colors
White LED (not user replaceable. Please contact customer support.)
Backlight service life
50,000 hrs. or more (each in continuous operation at 25 °C [77 °F] before backlight brightness decreases to 50%)
Brightness Control
0 to 100 (Adjusted with touch panel or software)
Touch Panel Type
Resistive Film (analog)
Touch points
Multi-touch (two-point touch)
Touchpanel lifetime
10 million times or more
Electrical specifications
Rated Input Voltage
12 to 24 Vdc
Input Voltage Limits
9 to 36 Vdc
Allowable Voltage Drop
20.4 Vdc: 1 ms or less
Power Consumption
Max: 102 W
When power is not supplied to external devices: 66 W
When screen turns off (power is not supplied to external devices): 29 VA
In-Rush Current
30 A or less
Voltage Endurance
N/A (non-isolated)
Insulation Resistance
N/A (non-isolated)
Environmental specifications
Surrounding Air Temperature
0 to 55 °C (32 to 131 °F)
Storage Temperature
-20 to +60 °C [-4 to 140 °F]
Ambient Humidity
10% to 90% RH (Non condensing, wet bulb temperature 39 °C [102.2 °F] or less)
0.1 mg/m3 (10-7 oz/ft3) or less (non-conductive levels)
Pollution Degree
For use in Pollution Degree 2 environment
Corrosive Gases
Free of corrosive gases
Air pressure (altitude range)
800 to 1,114 hPa (2,000 m [6,561 ft.] or lower)
Vibration resistance
IEC/EN 61131-2 compliant
5 to 9 Hz Single amplitude 3.5 mm (0.14 in)
9 to 150 Hz Fixed acceleration: 9.8 m/s2
X, Y, Z directions for 10 cycles (approximately 100 minutes)
Concussion resistance
IEC/EN 61131-2 compliant 147 m/s2, X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
Contact Discharge Method: 6 kV
Air Discharge Method: 8 kV
(IEC/EN61000-4-2 Level 3)
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
IEC 61000-4-4
2 kV: Power port
1 kV: Signal ports
Interface specifications
Serial interface COM
Asynchronous transmission: RS-232C/422/485 (non-isolated) x 2 (default: RS-485)
Data length: 7 or 8 bits
Stop bit: 1 or 2 bits
Parity: None, odd or even
Flow control: Hardware flow control: RTS/CTS(RS-232C), ERA/EAB/CSA/CSB(RS-422HMImode), Software flow control: Xon/Xoff
Auto direction control: Always enabled only in RS-485
Echo cancellation: Supported only in RS-485
Data transmission speed: 2,400 to 115,200 bps
Connector: D-Sub 9–pin (plug)
USB Type A
Connector:USB 3.1 Gen1 (Type A) x 2
Power supply voltage: 5 Vdc ±5%
Maximum current supplied: 900 mA/port
Maximum transmission distance: 3 m (9.84 ft)
USB Type C
Connector: USB 3.1 Gen1 (Type C) x 1
Power supply voltage: 5 Vdc ±5%
Maximum current supplied: 1.5 A/port
Maximum transmission distance: 3 m (9.84 ft)
Resolution: Up to 4,096 x 2,304 pixels at 60 Hz
Standard: IEEE1588, 10 BASE-T/ 100 BASE-TX/ 1000BASE-T, Wake-on-LAN (WOL) supported
Connector: Modular jack (RJ-45) x 2
SD card
SD card slot (storage) x 1, SDXC UHS-I supported
Version: V 1.2, dual mode (DP++) supported
Resolution: Up to 4,096 x 2,304 pixels at 60 Hz
Front USB
Connector: USB 2.0 (Type A) x 1
Power supply voltage: 5 Vdc ±5%
Maximum current supplied: 500 mA
Maximum transmission distance: 5 m (16.4 ft)

1Echo cancellation of the serial interfaces on Box Module is set not to receive the echo(Enabled) as default. For the setting refer to the Manual.

2TheUSB(TypeC) interface supports alternate mode (DisplayPort).

3When the status is S4 (hybrid shutdown), Wake-on-LAN is unavailable.

Structural specifications
Functional grounding: Grounding resistance of 100 Ω or less, 2 mm2 (AWG 14) or thicker wire, or your country's applicable standard
(SG and FG are connected inside the product).
Cooling method
Natural air circulation
Protective structure
When using a factory-installed front USB cover: IP65F, IP67F, UL 50/50E, Type 1
When using a front USB cover with screw (PFXZCDCVUS1): IP66F, IP67F, UL 50/50E, Type 1, Type 4X (indoor use only), Type 12, Type 13
NOTE: On the front panel when properly installed in an enclosure and not using the front panel USB port
External dimensions
W315 x H241 x D67 mm (W12.4 x H9.49 x D2.63 in)
Panel cut dimensions
W301.5 x H227.5 mm (W11.87 x H8.96 in)*1
4.1 kg (9.03 lb) or less

1For dimensional tolerance, everything +1/-0 mm (+0.04/-0 in) and R in angle are below R3 (R0.12 in).
Even if the installation wall thickness is within the recommended range for the Panel Cut Dimensions, depending on

External installation diagram

  1. Front
  2. Left
  3. Bottom


Panel cut dimensions
  1. 301.5 mm (+1/-0 mm) (11.87 in [+0.04/-0 in])
  2. 227.5 mm (+1/-0 mm) (8.96 in [+0.04/-0 in])
  3. 1.6...5 mm (0.06...0.2 in)


External dimensions with attached cable / Descriptions

Parts Identification and Functions

  1. Front USB cover
  2. USB 2.0 (Type A)*1
  3. USB 2.0 (micro-B) (this interface is unavailable.)
  4. Status LED


*1 By default, the front USB is disabled. To enable, set in the Launcher.