The New Atom Box Module has been added to the PS5000 Series lineup!

Enter the Next Stage of Smart manufacturing using Pro-face Industrial PCs.

This NEW box module includes an Atom CPU, and can be easily mounted to any Pro-face PS5000 Series display providing high-performance and durability for multiple IPC applications. The PS5000 Atom Box unit offers M.2 and eMMC storage allowing for a more efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Use the PS5000 Atom Box as a highly reliable open platform PC-based control system to break free of the speed and performance limitations of your PLC. Expand your data management and smart manufacturing options by upgrading to the accelerated version of “BLUE Open Studio” and Node-Red.

New Product Specifications

Model Atom model Atom model (Entry)
CPU Atom E3930 1.3 GHz
Main Memory 4GB or 8GB 4GB
Related Input Voltage 12 to 24 Vdc
When using AC power supply unit: 100 to 240 Vac
Supported OS Win10 IoT Enterprise (64bit)
Storage media M.2 SSD (64GB/128GB/256GB),
HDD (500GB/1TB), SSD (256GB)
eMMC (64GB/128GB)
Interface RS-232 x 1, RS-232C/422/485 x 1, Ethernet x 2,
USB (Type A) x 4, Display Port x 2
RS-232C/422/485 x 1, Ethernet x 2,
USB (Type A) x 4, Display Port x 1
Expansion Slot 0 slot
Optional Interface x 1 None *1 x 1

*1 Internal expansion can be used.

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