The display module 12” and 12” wide newly added to the lineup of PS5000 Series!

PS-5600T                          PS-5600W

We will offer the display module 12” and 12” wide, newly added to the lineup of industrial PC PS5000 Series.

In recent years, many new manufacturing concepts have become popular, from the Internet of Things to Industry 4.0. It's safe to say that manufacturing is in a current period of major change. In an era where it's easy to take advantage of the benefits of IT and cloud-computing, trend data from markets, production, distribution, and consumption are easily accessible. Being able to take advantage of this data is becoming a prerequisite for remaining competitive in manufacturing industries. In order to bring the latest technology straight to the manufacturing site, the PS5000 Series features Pro-face's high level of connectivity with various control equipment and robots developed over the years through many years of developing HMI products. The innovative software technology was developed as a key device acting as a gateway to IT- and network-based manufacturing by enabling easy control of connected devices. Not only is the PS5000 Series equipped with the latest CPU and memory compared with conventional models, but it also supports gesture-based operation including swiping and zooming. When it comes to selecting industrial PCs that can also be used in harsh production sites, customers have continually chosen Pro-face, which has provided highly reliable products for more than 20 years.

And PS5000 Series and Blue Open Studio bundle to improve your business.

This offer will help you increase your business opportunities. "PS5000 plus BLUE Open Studio" will make you save a huge amount of time and money.

New Product Information

ModelCore i7CeleronCore i7Celeron
Display Size12.1" Wide12"
GraphicsWXGA TFT (1,280 x 800 pixels)XGA TFT (1,024 x 768 pixels)
Touch Panel TypeCapacitive (5 simultaneous touch)Resistive Film (single touch)
CPUCore™ i7 -
4650U 1.7 GHz
2980U 1.6 GHz
Core™ i7 -
4650U 1.7 GHz
2980U 1.6 GHz
Main memory8GB/16GB4GB/8GB8GB/16GB4GB/8GB
OSWindows® 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
Windows® Embedded Standard 7 (32bit /64 bit) MUI
Windows® Embedded 8.1 Industry (64 bit)
Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB (64 bit) *1
Storage MediaHDD (500GB/1TB), SSD (128GB/256GB), CFast Card (32GB)
International Safety Standards

*1 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB does not support UWF (Unified Write Filter).

Product Features

Best fit your application (flexibility and scalability)

MODULARITY to safely select best configuration to fit customer application:
  1. PS5000 Series modularity allows millions of configurations. Box PC can be associated with any Display modules to form a Panel PC from 12” XGA to W22” Full HD.
  2. Display modules can also be connected remote from the Box PC with Display adaptor. Display Port can be use for 2 displays up to 5m.
  3. Any configuration can be “Build To Order” in 10 working days, offering even more possibilities

Navigate like a smart phone

Navigate in a panel PC, like a smart phone or tablet:
  1. Tap, scroll, pinch, swipe with 5 points multi-touch gestures
  2. Fluid, natural, and intuitive interface, powered with Windows OS
  3. Fully supported with BLUE and BLUE Open Studio software
  4. More information accessible in a smaller screen
  5. Enhance machine and improve operator efficiency
  6. Wide screens from 12” to 22” full HD
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