Realize IoT with minimal development time and cost !

Realize IoT with minimal
development time and cost!
  • Customers want to integrate
    every machine to production
    management S/W
  • We have not enough manpower
    for each customer.
  • Different markets and
    geographics demand different
    controller types
ST6000 Series & BLUE can do it, because…  
  • Easy, secure and better
    performance when
    communicating with the
    IT layer

    OPC UA

  • Interface ready:
    one for OT and
    another for IT


  • Freedom of
    device selection


  Easy, better performance and secure for communication to IT layer

Easier to use

No need to sync both sides. Simply enable OPC UA Server and make the setting for each variable (hidden, read only, read write), password, user level.

Better performance

Instead of periodic polling of data from the client to the server, OPC UA server in BLUE supports the subscription service in which data is automatically sent. This reduces network load and saves performance on the client side for more important tasks.


Embedded OPC UA cybersecurity with encryption supports secure local data exchange and cloud services.

  Interface ready: two Ethernet ports, one for OT and one for IT

Simplified machine integration into customers' network

When connecting new equipment to the customers' network, you only have to change one IP address on the ST6000 Series. There is no need to reassign the IP addresses of all devices at the time of delivery because they can be added on a module-by-module basis.

  Freedom of equipment selection

Connect to up to 4 drivers at the same time

You can choose the best fitting devices from various manufacturers and exchange data with a simple configuration. Supporting four simultaneous drivers promotes data exchange between field devices and flexible architectures. Hence reducing engineering spend and increasing reliability.

  And more Device / PLC Connections are available
next solution is
  Flexible specifications
of features and unit types
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