Standard product information
SP5000 Series
Box (Standard)
Global Code 
Product Features 
Box Module (Standard Box)
Repair Status 
✔ (Maintenance service is available, able to be maintained.)
Electrical specifications
Rated input voltage 
12 Vdc (Supply from Display Module or DC Power Supply Adapter for Box Module "PFXZCDADEXP1")
Power consumption 
Max. 17.5 W
When power is not supplied to external devices: 8.8W or less*1
Noise immunity 
Noise Voltage : 1,000 Vp-p
Pulse Duration : 1 µs
Rise Time : 1 ns
(via noise simulator)

1Power consumption for Box Module only

Environmental specifications
International safety standards 
Surrounding air temperature 
0 to 60 °C [32 to 140 °F]
Storage temperature 
-20 to +60 °C [-4 to 140 °F]
Ambient humidity 
10 to 90 % RH (Wet bulb temperature: 39 °C [102.2 °F] max. - no condensation)
Storage humidity 
10 to 90 % RH (Wet bulb temperature: 39 °C [102.2 °F] max. - no condensation)
0.1 mg/m3 (10-7 oz/ft3) or less (non-conductive levels)
Pollution degree 
For use in Pollution Degree 2 environment
Corrosive gases 
Free of corrosive gases
Air pressure (altitude range) 
800 to 1,114 hPa (2,000 m [6,561 ft.] above sea level or less)
Vibration resistance 
IEC/EN 61131-2 compliant
5 to 9 Hz single amplitude 3.5 mm [0.14 in.]
9 to 150 Hz fixed acceleration: 9.8 m/s2
X, Y, Z directions for 10 cycles (approx. 100 min.)
Concussion resistance 
IEC/EN 61131-2 compliant 147 m/s2, X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Electrostatic discharge immunity 
Contact Discharge Method: 6 kV
Air Discharge Method: 8 kV
(IEC/EN61000-4-2 Level 3)
Application memory 
When using GP-Pro EX:
- Screen Area: 64MB *Use the screen area when the user font area's capacity is exceeded - for example, when an image font or a picture font is used.
- User Font Area: 8MB
- Logic Program Area: 132KB (Equivalent to 15,000 steps) *Up to 60,000 steps can be converted in software. However, this reduces application memory capacity (for screen data) by 1 MB.
- Free Space: None

Removable System: No
Backup memory 
When using GP-Pro EX:
- Screen Area: NVRAM 320KB
- Variable Area: NVRAM 64KB

Battery: None*2

2SP5000 Series can retain NVRAM (backup memory) and RTC (clock data) without any batteries. But, when no power is supplied for 100 days or more, it's necessary to additionally mount this option item to retain RTC (clock data).

Interface specifications
Serial (COM1) 
Asynchronous Transmission: RS-232C, Data Length: 7 or 8 bits, Stop Bit: 1 or 2 bits, Parity: None, Even or Odd, Data Transmission Speed: 2,400 to 115,200 bps, Connector: D-Sub 9 (plug)
Serial (COM2) 
Asynchronous Transmission: RS-422 / 485, Data Length: 7 or 8 bits, Stop Bit: 1 or 2 bits, Parity: None, Even or Odd, Data Transmission Speed: 2,400 to 115,200 bps, 187,500 bps (MPI), Connector: D-Sub 9 pin (plug)
USB (Type A) 
Conforms to USB 2.0 (Type A) x 2
Power supply voltage: 5 Vdc ±5 %
Output Current: 500 mA/port
1 A total for 3 ports
Communication distance: 5 m [16.4 ft.]*3
USB (mini-B) 
Conforms to USB 2.0 (mini-B) x 1, Communication Distance: 5 m [16.4 ft] or less
IEEE802.3i / IEEE802.3u, 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX, Connector: Modular jack (RJ-45) x 2
SD card 
SD Card Slot (Storage) x 1

3When using the Display Module with the Power Box, you can connect only one of each type of USB device, such as one USB flash drive, one transfer cable, or one barcode reader. If you connect multiple devices that are the same type, only the first device will work.

Structural specifications
Cooling method 
Natural air circulation
External dimensions 
W188 x H131 x D35 mm [W7.40 x H5.16 x D1.38 in.]
0.9 kg [1.98 lb] or less*4

4Box module only.

External dimensions 

Parts Identification
(1) Status LED (2) Card Access LED (3) USB (mini-B) Interface (4) Expansion Unit Interface Cover (EXT) (5) Storage Card Cover (6) USB (Type A) Interface (7) Ethernet Interface (Ethernet1) (8) Ethernet Interface (Ethernet2) (9) Serial Interface (COM1) (10) Serial Interface (COM2) (11) Display Module Interface