Discontinued Items - GLC / LT Series Options


Please note that the end date of sales may be subject to change, and due to the limited availability of the products in stock, shipping will end when the stock is over. We appreciate your understanding.

ModelProduct NameLast OrderRecommeded Substitute
CA1-RCVLRG-01Rear Cover2013/5/30None
CA6-DFS4-01Screen Protection Sheet2023/4/28None
CA6-DIOCN4-01DIO Connector (3.8 inch)2023/4/28None
CFFM-WP00-MSInstallation Gasket for CF Front Maintenance2013/12/20None
CGP070-ID11-MOpen-end Sink DIO cable2013/9/30None
FN-IFCN01FLEX NETWORK I/F Connectors2013/9/30None
GLC100-DIOCN01DIO Connector2013/9/30None
GLC300-BCB41Bus Conversion Unit for GLC3002014/6/30None
GLC-AIOCN01Analog Connector (Screw cramp type)2016/7/21None
GLC-DIOCN04DIO Connector (Spring terminal block)2016/7/21None
GLC-TMCN01Temperature Input Connector2016/7/21None
GLC000-DIOCB11-MSDIO Connector Cable for both Sink and Source type2014/6/30None
GLC-DIOCN02DIO Connector2013/9/30None
GLC-DIOCN03I/O Connector Terminal Block for FN-XY32SKS2013/9/30None
PFXZGLC150LT331MDIO Conversion Cable(1m)2023/3/31PFXZGLC150LT3305M
ST400-WP01Installation Gasket2023/4/28None