Discontinued Items: FP / UF Series Options

Last Updated: 2017/11/8 (Products in red are updated)

Please note that the end date of sales may be subject to change, and due to the limited availability of the products in stock, shipping will end when the stock is over. We appreciate your understanding.

ModelProduct NameLast OrderRecommended Substitute
CA1-RCVLRG-01Rear Cover2013/5/30None
CA1-STDLRG-01Desktop Stand2015/1/20None
CA3-BLU12-01Replacement Backlight for 12.1 inch2014/3/31None
CA3-BLU15-01Replacement Backlight for 15 inch2014/3/31None
CA5-BLU12XGA-01Backlight for 12.1-inch 1/ set (For 1 unit)2022/10/31None
CA7-BLU15-01Backlight for 15-inch 2/ set (For 1 unit)2018/5/31None
CA7-DCCNL-01DC Power Supply Connector2021/10/29None
CA7-DFS19-01Screen Protection Sheet (5 Sheets/ Set) for 19-inch screen2021/8/31None
CA7-WPG19-01Installation Gasket for FP-3900T2021/8/31None
FP61V-IV00-ORGB Cable (5m)
(Option for FP-570T)
Contact our local
Pro-face sales office.
FP-CV00RGB Cable2014/4/30RGB Cable (4.5m)
FP-CV01RGB Cable2014/4/30RGB Cable (4.5m)
GP070-AT01Installation Fasteners2021/10/29None
GP570-WP10-MSInstallation Gasket for 10.4/ 12.1-inch2021/10/29None
GP577RT-BL00-MSBacklight for 10.4-inch 2/ set (For 1 unit)2017/4/26None
PSL-DF00Screen Protection Sheet (5 Sheets/ Set) for 10.4/ 12.1-inch2021/10/29None
UF5511-DPG-01Dustproof Gasket for UF5511Contact our local
Pro-face sales office.
UF-PW002Power supply for UF series
(Option for UF-5510 and UF-5511, Custom model)
Contact our local
Pro-face sales office.