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Customization and Services

We provide a range of useful services for our customers. If services not stated in the list below are needed, we'll make every effort.
For details, please contact your local Pro-face sales representative.

[Article] A Wide Range of Options from a Brand Specializing in HMIs


Basic Manu

Service Descriptions SP5000 SP5000X ST6000 STW6000 STM6000 GP4000 GP4000R GP4000M GP4000H GP4100 LT4000M PS6000 *1 PS5000 FP5000

Reduce engineering set-up time:


Pre-install screen data - - -
Duplicate customer's OS image - - - - - - - - - - -
Customized start-up screen - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pre-active license keycode before shipping -
Pre-setting hardware, network address, clock, RAID, etc. -
Pre-install screen protection sheet or cover -
Enclose accessories or options in a package with products
The better design suits your machine:
Logo, overlay, and label
Remove original logo
Replace the original logo with the customer's logo (sticker type)
Replace the original logo with the customer's logo (printed on overlay) - - - *2 - *2 - -
Change the color of the overlay. - - - *2 - *2 - -
Add customer's label warning sheet.
Resistant to harsh environments:
Coat PCBAs to extend product lifetime for use in harsh environments. - - - - - - - - -

*1 for Asia only.

*2 Frame type, stick on the top of the original overlay.

(Sample Case) Specific needs -We offer products outside the basic lineup to meet individual needs

Embedded Camera

Operation log with video and image.Snapshot or video recording by switches on the screen

Target: Semiconductor / Electronics


Interface changes

Change the interface to meet customers’ needs. Ethernet(M12) ×1 COM(D-sub 25pin)

Target: Train / Special Vehicle


Rear Mount

Change the rear mount design to suit specific use or situation.

Target: Food & Beverage Woodworking Machine