[ Migration ] Replacing GP-3300HS/L, GP-3310HT with GP-4311HT

Replacement Guidebook introduces comparison of current using models and replacement method. 
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[ Migration ] Replacing GP-3300HS/L, GP-3310HT with GP-4311HT

Model No.GP-3300HS: AGP3300H-S1-D24-xxx-xxx
GP-3300HL: AGP3300H-L1-D24-xxx-xxx
GP-3310HT: AGP3310H-T1-D24-xxx-xxx
Display TypeGP-3300HS: STN Color LCD
GP-3300HL: Monochrome LCD
GP-3310HT: TFT Color LCD
Display Colors

GP-3300HS: 4096 colors (Blink)
GP-3300HL: Monochrome 16 levels (Blink)
GP-3310HT: 65,536 colors (No blink)/  16,384 colors (Blink)

65,536 colors (No blink)/  16,384 colors (Blink)

Display ResolutionGP-3300HS/L: QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
GP-3310HT: VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
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External Dimensions (mm)W224 x H174 x D87.1mm
When including Emergency switch: D107mm
Touch Panel TypeResistive Film (Analog)
Memory (Application)GP-3300HS/L: 6MB
GP-3310HT: 8MB
UP! 32MB
Memory (SRAM)320KB
Rated Input voltageDC24V
Serial I/F (COM1)RS-232C/422/485
Ethernet I/F10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Function Switch11 Switches
Enable Switch Output I/F
Rear panel switch 3-position output
Emergency Switch Output I/FPush-lock Switch
Key Switch Output InterfaceYes
External Output I/FYes
CF card I/FYes-
SD card I/F-NEW! Yes
USBI/F (Type A)Yes (USB1.1)UP! Yes (USB2.0)
USBI/F (Type mini B)-UP! Yes (USB2.0)
Printer I/FUSB

* The display resolution of GP-3300HS/GP3300HL is different from that of GP-4311HT. If you draw on a full screen, please edit it with GP-Pro EX.
   If you check on [Convert Resolution] when changing the display unit type, you can adjust both size and location of the part and the text relative to the display resolution automatically.
   In this case, confirm their size, location, color and adjust them if necessary.

* GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.06 or later suppors GP-4311HT