Notification of Discontinuation for PS-5821W (Enclosed Model) and options

Posted: Oct. 18, 2022

Thank you for your patronage and support for us and our products.

We are discontinuing the following products to continue delivering reliable and state-of-art products to our customers.
Please contact your local Pro-face office for a replacement.


PS-5821W (Enclosed Model)

ModelDescriptionEnd of sales
PFXPS2MN3D8xxxxx00PS5821W Enclosed Panel PC Core i3 W19Sep 29, 2023
PFXZPSCNM122M12 Connectors for Enclosed ModelSep 30, 2028
PFXZPSCBM122M12 Connector / Cable SetSep 30, 2028


Options for PE4000B

ModelDescriptionEnd of sales
PFXZPECNHDDV1HDMI-DVI connector for PE4000BDec 25, 2023 => Oct 4, 2022
PFXZPEAFDR2DIN-Rail Adaptor for PE4000B N2600
PFXZPEAFDR1DIN-Rail Adaptor for PE4000B N270


Please contact our sales office in your region if you have any inquiries.

Repair Acceptance

After a product end-of-sale announcement has been released on our website, repairs for that product are available for up to 7 years at the repair center. Please note that we might not be able to repair those products should replacement parts become unavailable, regardless of the maintenance period.