Important notification to customer using ST6000 Series and OMRON Corporation CS/CJ/NJ series EthernetIP driver.

Posted: March 10,2021

Thank you very much for your continuous use of Pro-face products.
We have confirmed the following symptoms on ST6000 series and OMRON CS/CJ/NJ series Ethernet/IP driver.
The symptom and corrective measures for this problem are indicated below.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Symptom Descriptions

After transferring the project file to the ST6000 series with the transfer tool and memory loader, the ST6000 series displays the following error and does not start.
Error details: Cannot read the file(OMR_ETIP) required for startup. Please transfer the project data again.

Products and Versions Affected

Programmable HMI:
Target ModelsAll ST6000 series GP-Pro EX compatible models

Communication driver:
Driver NameOMRON CS/CJ/NJ series Ethernet/IP
Target Version *1Driver Ver. 1.17.16
How to confirm a versionPlease check the transfer file information *2on the transfer tool screen.

*1 OMRON CS/CJ/NJ Ethernet/IP driver Ver. 1.17.16 is included in the installation module of GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.200.

*2 Please check the transfer file information on the transfer tool screen.


Please download the module of OMRON CS/CJ/NJ Ethernet/IP driver (Ver. 1.17.17) from the following page and apply it to your GP-Pro EX.

OMRON CS/CJ/NJ Ethernet/IP driver Ver. 1.17.17  *3

*3 To download the module, free member registration is required.