Notification of Discontinuation, Replacement and End of Repair Date for GP3000 Series M class and DVI Input Unit

Last Updated: Feb. 16, 2018
Posted: May 12, 2017

Thank you for your patronage and support for us and our products.

In an effort to continue delivering reliable and state-of-art products to our customers, we are discontinuing the following products. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

These discontinued products can be replaced by other newer models. Please contact your local Pro-face office for replacement. If you need main units or options for future maintenance, we recommend the early purchase of them.

* For other discontinued products, please refer to the Discontined Items page on our website.


Discontinued Items and Recommended Substitutes

All models of GP3000 Series M class, and DVI Input Unit will be discontinued.

Discontinued Items Last Order Date Recommended Substitutes Replacement Guide and Remarks
AGP3750-T1-AF Oct. 31, 2017
Sep. 27, 2017 *1
SP-5700TP + SP-5B10 *2 Refer to "Replacement Book"
AGP3650-U1-D24 GP-3600U + Video Unit *3
AGP3650-T1-AF GP-3600T C-Class + Video Unit *3 *5
AGP3560-T1-AF GP-3600T C-Class + Video Unit *3 *4 *5
AGP3550-T1-AF GP-3500T C-Class + Video Unit *3 *5
AGP3450-T1-D24 GP-3500T C-Class + Video Unit *3 *4 *5
AGP3360-T1-D24 SP-5400WA + SP-5B10 *2 *4
GP3000-DVI01 Oct. 31, 2017 *6 GP3000-VM01

*1 The last order date has been changed because the stock is out.

*2 It does not support to the video display function and the recording / movie playback function.

*3 Video Unit: VM Unit (GP3000-VM01) or RGB Input Unit (GP3000-RGB201). It does not support to the recording / movie playback function.

*4 Display size and panel cut dimensions are different.

*5 There is no coated model for replacement model.

*6 Shipping will end when the stock is out regardless of the last order date.

End of Repair Date (Main unit of products only)

Discontinued Items Applicable Revisions End of Repair Date *7
AGP3750-T1-* Rev. [None] to [4] 2018/2/28
Rev. [5] or later 2024/5/31
AGP3650-U1-D24 Rev. [None] to [D] 2021/6/30
Rev. [E] or later 2024/5/31
AGP3650-T1-* Rev. [None] to [4] 2018/2/28
Rev. [5] or later 2024/5/31
AGP3560-T1-* All Rev. 2024/5/31
AGP3550-T1-* Rev. [None] to [1] 2013/12/28
Rev. [2] to [4] 2020/6/30
Rev. [5] or later 2024/5/31
AGP3450-T1-* Rev. [None] to [4] 2022/4/28
Rev. [5] or later 2024/5/31
AGP3360-T1-D24 Rev. [None] 2022/4/28
Rev. [A] or later 2024/5/31

*7 It might not be able to repair our products when replacement parts become unavailable, regardless of the maintenance period.


If you have any inquiries, please contact our sales office in your region.

Repair Acceptance

After a product end of sale announcement has been released on our website, repairs for that product are available for up to 7 years at the repair center. Please note that we might not be able to repair those products should replacement parts become unvailable, regardless of the maintenance period.