GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.450 Limited Edition (Disc 1 / Disc 2)


Limited Edition is a trial version of GP-Pro EX. You can use the software without licenses (serial number and key code).
With Limited Edition, it is possible to transfer the screen data to ONLY GP4100 Series monochrome model.


Terms of use / Cautions

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Terms and conditions
  • Soft_GPPROEX409400D1.iso SHA256 : EC485CAA19174C014814955034DE03A492713F1ADBF850A8E7242282B43AB2C9
  • Soft_GPPROEX409400D2.iso SHA256 : DA8A5557F186FF556F8B08495E56374A19039FBA2EDD597E6D75D78E4F0AEB8C

After downloading the disk image (ISO file), we recommend creating a DVD of the image before installing. Use the SHA values to check the downloaded data.


【When using sending E-mail feature】
It needs .Net Framework Ver. 4.5 or later to use this feature


Refer to the following Readme about the product's details.

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ex_dl_4G router


ex_dl_network camera

ex_dl_robot HMI

ID Card (NFC) reader

ex_dl_RFID reader