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Brand Concept

for the best interface

The Pro-face brand offers interfaces to customers worldwide.
"For the best interface" not only describes the products we supply, but also embodies the goal of each and every Digital employee to act as the best interface with you, the customer.

Pro-face's DNA

At Pro-face, we aim to act as the best interface for our customers all over the globe.
  • We will continue to produce innovative products.
  • We will support customers worldwide and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We will respond promptly to the issues our customers face.
These commitments are our DNA and have remained unchanged since our incorporation.

The Pro-face Ring

The Pro-face Ring is a key object that speaks of our connections.

The design signifies the close and unbreakable connection that Pro-face has with its customers, expressing this with color and movement.

The blue ring represents the Pro-face DNA we have developed over many years.
The color ring represents our evolution alongside our customers.