Reduces work associated with OS updates and restoration

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Challenges and things I want to do

It is possible to change and re-evaluate the program of the PC embedded in the equipment and to reduce downtime due to OS errors.
I want to reduce it as much as possible.

Current Concerns

  • A major Windows update is automatically installed and the device is stopped for the duration of the update.
  • After updating Windows, the application suddenly stops working.
  • Errors caused by programs or peripherals, and it takes a long time to recover
  • The application stops working properly due to the worker's arbitrary setting changes.


PS6000 series.
No need to implement major updates (functional updates), support for up to 10 years
   → Normally Windows 10 (SAC) gets a major update everysix months.
Write Protect feature protects the OS
   → If blueback etc. occur, it will be restored by rebooting.
Improved operability with a dedicated launcher
   → You can easily protect your OS (UWF) by simply selecting the drive and pressing the Enable button.
Prevent human error by limiting startup applications and USB
   → Protects your PC from wrong operations and viruses.

The best OS for embedded and FA
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC.
The on-board industrial computer is the solution.



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