Versatile software BLUE 3.2 Service Pack 2 released

Updates & Drivers

What's New: Version 3.2 Service Pack 2

Hardware Support

PS6000 Series


Drivers Support


New Features

Unified Write Filter

You can now check the status of the display unit's Unified Write Filter(UWF).
for information, refer to the following.



A communication error flag and turning equipment communication on and off are now supported. For information about these features. refer to the following.


Numeric Display

  • You can now use [Suffix] and [Prefix] to display text before and after values in a numeric display. For information, refer to the following.
  • You can now change the fill, border, or text color when values are out of the input range or when values are in an alarm range.

[Color When Selected]

Use this new property to specify the reversal method when an object is selected. For the dropdown list and recipe dropdown objects, specify the reversal method when an item in the list is selected.

This property has the following options: [Reverse Color] and [Reverse Color & Transparency]. [Reverse Color] is the default setting. If you open a project created in a previous version of the screen editing software, this property is set to [Reverse Color & Transparency].

The following objects support this feature.

  • Date/Time Display
  • Dropdown List
  • Numeric Display
  • Recipe Dropdown
  • String Display
  • Time Display

Recovery mode

When a display unit fails to accept the project in a transfer operation, you can now enter recovery mode and transfer the project again.

New Operation

The following operation is now supported.

Cybersecurity Enhancement

  • The new [Security Warnings] tab has been added to the Feedback Zone, so you can quickly find any security-related warnings.
  • You can now set a password when transferring or saving a project.

Improved Features

  • Changing the IP address and unit ID of equipment at run time is now supported. For information about supported drivers, refer to the following.
  • When a script includes conditions or values that are undefined, the operation of that script has now changed.