[Press] New version of the SP5000 Series open box released

Press Release

Posted: Jun. 9, 2017


Digital Electronics Corporation (representative director: Jean-Francois Massot) has further evolved the open box of the SP5000 Series - the HMI flagship model of Pro-face - to enhance the information display capability of the models of the same series.

The open box SP-5B41 newly added to the lineup of the SP5000 Series has achieved twice the processing speed of our conventional models to deliver higher performance. The SP-5B41 is equipped as standard with a 32 GB CFast card, which provides about three times the storage free space compared to conventional models.

In recent production sites, the major issues are optimization of production and visualization. With an ever-increasing amount of data to handle, the field has actively sought more effective ways of using big data. The SP5000 Series is the HMI developed to meet such needs of the IoT era where we want to optimally use acquired data in the locations we need it or the systems in the office and the production sites need to be securely networked. In particular, in addition to the capability of using PDF, movie, camera, and USB devices, the SP5000 Series open box enables linkage to upper-level applications by using engineering tools for PLC, servo, robot, and vision applications that run under Windows and the Ethernet connection to a Windows PC.

This performance enhancement facilitates the use of Windows application on HMI, providing more flexible and sophisticated information displays and use of data.


Pro-face by Schneider Electric products is developed from the corporate slogan “For the Best Interface” and aims to be the best interface connectable to industrial machinery in a variety of production fields.


Features of SP5000 Series Products

  1. More information to be displayed, contributing to raise the production rates in the field
  2. Use of standard Windows drivers for high connectivity with upper level PCs, databases, and peripherals, including USB devices, facilitating system construction
  3. Equipped with Dual IP for safe, efficient communication between two kinds of networks: one for control devices and the other for upper level PCs and databases
  4. Modular structure to allow users to select an optimal display size (7” to 15” W) for specific applications
  5. Almost double the performance and three times the storage free capacity compared to conventional models, which means more comfortable use of Windows applications on HMI


If you have any inquiries, please contact our sales office in your region.


The above information is as of June 2017. The contents might be subject to change without notice, please be forewarned. For the latest information, please see the SP5000 Series product pages.