[Press] Introducing “Multi-Converter” for SP5000 Series and more - Ideal for edge computing

Press Release
Posted: Mar. 13, 2017


Digital Electronics Corporation (Representative Director: Jean-Francois Massot) is pleased to announce that on March 13, 2017, we have released “Multi-Converter” for SP5000 Series and more devices, which supports the effective use of information about devices operating on the production site.

Digital Electronics Corporation was the first company in the world to release human machine interfaces (HMI) in 1989, creating a market for HMIs that connected to PLCs and control devices at the production site. Creation of an HMI market enabled intuitive data displays, contributing to improved efficiency of the production site, by providing easier device operations. Some years ago, we released the SP5000 Series as our HMI flagship model in the age of IoT, which securely connects management office network and a lower production network.

Our newly released “Multi-Converter” is built by a combination of SP5000 and the DC Power Supply Adapter. It was developed to meet the need to use data from new and old devices easily without much cost and labor. “Multi-Converter” connects to control devices at the production site to collect data and uses USB and Ethernet to deliver data to office PCs. It is also ideal for edge computing in the IoT environment of today.

“Multi-Converter” for SP5000 Series, with two Ethernet ports, can be used to segment information and control networks. It can also output to a large display with one DVI cable to create an Andon system.

Adding the optional DC Power Supply Adapter to our flagship SP5000 Series means you can choose to install with or without display depending on the installation location, providing more extensive data usage. It also contributes more to activities for using big data - challenges for companies working on digitization and IoT.

Under the “for the best interface” corporate slogan, Pro-face by Schneider Electric is committed to developing the best interface products that can be connected to industrial machines for all production sites.

Product features of high-end Multi-Data Box products

  1. Equipped with two Ethernet ports. Ideal for network segmentation.
  2. Use with Windows applications.
  3. Connect devices such as PLCs, temperature controllers, inverters, and robots without programing.
  4. Combine with recommended software to support data sharing between devices and monitoring with tablets.
  5. Output the HMI screen to a large monitor with the DVI interface.
  6. Use four different protocols at the same time.
  7. Use as a protocol converter to integrate protocols into a single protocol.


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The above information is as of March 2017. The contents might be subject to change without notice, please be forewarned. For the latest information, please see the Multi-Converter (Multi-Data Box) product pages.