[Press] Solving the problems of safety measures at factories. Release of handheld HMI, GP4000H Series, weighing 1,000g or less

Posted: Aug. 22, 2016


Pro-face, the global leader of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, is pleased to announce that it will release the GP4000H Series, a handheld, programmable HMI device that provides safety and operability, on August 22, 2016.

On manufacturing industry worksites where automation is progressing, various mechanical equipment has been introduced and ensuring safety management is the most important concern. Even as the introduction of machines that play roles previously filled by people accelerates, the machines must be adjusted by people. Mobility-aware safety measures are attracting attention so that people can manage mechanical equipment safely on worksites where automation is progressing.

The GP4000H Series, which is light and freely portable, allows people to get close to locations where they can check the operation and operate the HMI, not at the fixed location where the HMI is installed, and to give precise instructions with more exact timing. Also, the HMI is designed with a focus on safety even during operation with one hand, by equipping it with a three-position enable switch as well as an emergency stop switch, so it responds only when pushed down lightly, not when the hand comes off unexpectedly or gripped accidentally. In addition, the handy type can also be networked via Ethernet, making it possible to share production data from the worksite and managers’ computers, and exchange data in real time.
The GP4000H Series contributes to safety management on production sites that have human intermediation.

GP4000H Series

Pro-face by Schneider Electric, with the corporate slogan “for the best interface”, is working on the development of products that can be the best interface that can connect to industrial machines at various production sites.

Product Features of GP4000H Series

  1. Design with a focus on safety
    - Emergency stop switch: Stops the machine without fail in emergencies
    - Three-position enable switch: Stops operation instantly, even when the switch is gripped, when problems such as short circuits occur.
    - Key switch: Allows movement of the main body without emergency stop
  2. High interchangeability with the conventional model (GP3000H Series) makes it possible to upgrade with the same structure by replacing the main body with GP4000H Series.
  3. Reducing the weight by 10% versus the conventional model means you can operate it smoothly with just one hand.


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