[Press] Solves the problem that inhibits the introduction of IoT. Provides industry-leading operability and visibility through a small size HMI

Press Release
Posted: Mar. 14, 2016


Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, is pleased to announce that it will add a color model to the “GP4100 Series”, a small size programmable HMI device, and release it on March 14, 2016. By adding this increased performance color model with higher functionality and resolution than conventional monochrome types to the line up, we are working towards further cultivation of markets.

In the era of IoT, and globalization, the production site is full of all forms of information. To collect and use this information, the GP4100 Series contributes to the introduction of IoT to the production site. The GP4100 Series achieves network connection by Ethernet, already mainstream for large devices, in a small 4.3 inch size. Even for production sites that have difficulties introducing IoT due to problems such as securing device installation space and introduction cost, introducing the compact size GP4100 Series can mitigate these problems, and it helps collect and use information. Also, as it is standard equipped with a USB Type A which can be connected to commercially available USB devices, it can be connected to peripheral devices such as bar code readers and USB memory, which makes it possible to collect data from each device from a host PC over a network. The color model with double the display area of conventional models and eight times the resolution solves problems such as lack of screen volume and operation errors due to difficulty in seeing the display, which often happen with small size HMI devices. Only Pro-face, which boasts the highest driver support in the industry, can offer connectivity to various devices, which contributes to the introduction of IoT at production sites.

GP4100 Series Color Model
Pro-face by Schneider Electric, with the corporate slogan “for the best interface”, is working on the development of products that can be the best interface that can connect to industrial machines at various production sites.

Product Features of GP4100 Series

  1. 4.3-inch wide, full color 65,536 colors
  2. 480 x 272 dots high resolution drastically improves visibility and operability
  3. Easy introduction of IoT thanks to Ethernet connectivity
  4. The highest driver support in the industry achieves connection to various devices
  5. USB Type A equipped as standard


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