[Press] Introducing the PS5000 Series Industrial PC Offering Operability and Designability

Press Release
Posted: Aug. 19, 2015
With a focus on manufacturing sites with harsh environments, Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, will soon release the highly sophisticated PS5000 Series slim-type industrial PC combining both operability and designablity.

In recent years, many new manufacturing concepts have become popular, from the Internet of Things to Industry 4.0. It's safe to say that manufacturing is in a current period of major change. In an era where it's easy to take advantage of the benefits of IT and cloud-computing, trend data from markets, production, distribution, and consumption are easily accessible. Being able to take advantage of this data is becoming a prerequisite for remaining competitive in manufacturing industries. In order to bring the latest technology straight to the manufacturing site, the PS5000 Series features Pro-face's high level of connectivity with various control equipment and robots developed over the years through many years of developing HMI products. The innovative software technology was developed as a key device acting as a gateway to IT- and network-based manufacturing by enabling easy control of connected devices. Not only is the PS5000 Series equipped with the latest CPU and memory compared with conventional models, but it also supports gesture-based operation including swiping and zooming. When it comes to selecting industrial PCs that can also be used in harsh production sites, customers have continually chosen Pro-face, which has provided highly reliable products for more than 20 years.
Product NameScreen SizeRelease Date
PS-5811W19" WideAug. 19, 2015
PS-5711W15" Wide

Main Features of PS5000 Series

1. Slimmer than conventional models thanks to a roughly 60% reduction in depth

By paying close attention to shaving off every possible millimeter, we have achieved an ultra-thin design only about 40% as deep as conventional products. Whereas operation panels tend to increase in size the more sophisticated they get, Pro-face’s thinner operation panel allows customers to greatly reduce costs associated with purchasing an operation panel.

2. Intuitively operable multi-touch display

Equipped with a multi-touch display that enables operation similar to that of a tablet or smartphone. The intuitive gestures for such actions as zooming in or out on a device operation screen or swiping to switch screens make operation smooth and simple.

3. Easily utilize remote monitoring through tablets and smartphones

Pro-face's specialized industrial remote monitoring application, Pro-Face Remote HMI, is designed for use on tablets and smartphones. Using this application allows device verification before shipment and debugging during start-up following installation or during maintenance to be performed using a hand-held tablet. The ability to perform operations with a tablet means a worker can continue with operation checks even when the operation panel for checking I/O and other operations is not near the check location, such as with large equipment or lengthy equipment that uses conveyors or the like.

4. Environmental resistance that meets any situation

Thanks to IP65 compliance, you don’t have to worry about using this industrial PC even in harsh conditions with exposure to dust and oil mist. In addition, because this device can be cleaned with high-pressure water streams after equipment use, it can also be used in situations where maintaining a hygienic environment is necessary.

5. Wide variety of drivers for program-less connections to control equipment

An extensive array of drivers is available for easily connecting to any manufacturer’s control equipment. In order to ensure usability of a customer’s control equipment attached to a device, the available drivers allow communication and control without driver development and with no programming necessary. Easily connect any control equipment to the internet, bringing it up-to-date via the Internet of Things (IoT).

6. Other features

  • Sophisticated glass surface with a high-resolution display that enhances visibility and reduces glare
  • Performance improved by approx. 170% compared with conventional models thanks to adoption of the latest CPU
  • Built-to-order manufacturing system for selection of the device that best suits the equipment and factory
  • A wide variety of interface card options offering the ability to add even more diversity to connected equipment for an improved device lineup
  • Stable, long-term supply of OS updates for a longer equipment life
  • Worldwide support for worry-free global expansion
  • Safety standard certification in Europe, North America, and Asia

Main Specifications

  1. For use at AC power supply unit (PFXZPSPUAC3) that is separately sold is required.


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The above information is as of August, 2015. The contents might be subject to change without notice, please be forewarned. For the latest information, please see the PS5000 Series product pages.