[Press] GP4000M Series saves operating panel space by separating the monitor and main unit

Press Release
Posted: Dec 17, 2014


Osaka, Japan — December 16, 2014 — Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, is pleased to announce that it will begin taking orders from today for the GP4000M series, programmable HMI devices that allow for separate installation of the monitor and main unit using a connection cable.

The GP4000M series is a programmable HMI device (“HMI”) that can be installed on 22-mm round holes. While square holes need to be drilled via laser machining and such in order to install a conventional HMI into a system, the GP4000M series can be installed on operating panels the same way as switches and indicator lights due to its compatibility with 22-mm round holes. Since its market release in September 2011, the GP4000M series has earned a reputation for easy installation using common work site tools. With the latest improvement, supporting a connection cable for separated installation, the GP4000M series can now be installed with the monitor on the operating panel and the main unit in the control panel. The GP4000M series was developed in response to our customers' need to install the operating panel in a place more suited for display and operation. The answer was to create a compact, low profile operating panel for smaller, single-acting machines for packaging, food processing, or conveyance.


Based on our corporate slogan, Pro-face for the best interface, Pro-face aims to develop products that act as the best interface and can be connected to industrial machinery in a variety of production worksites.

gp4000m_module.jpg gp4000m_.jpg

Example of GP4000M series installation with a
connection cable for separated installation

GP4000M Sereies Left: 3.5” Right: 5.7”

Product Features of GP4000M Series

  1. Available in 5.7-inch and 3.5-inch sizes.
  2. Simple installation on 22-mm round holes, the standard size for switches and indicator lights.
  3. Equipped with interfaces for serial, Ethernet, and USB (host and device) connections.
  4. Lightweight and low power consumption (5.7-inch model: 0.62 kg, 6.8 W; 3.5-inch model: 0.36 kg, 6.5 W).
  5. Complies with CE, UL/cUL, KC, C-Tick, GOST-R, and other international standards.


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