[Press] Bringing intuitive touch-gesture operation to the production worksite. FP5000 Series flat panel displays for industrial applications released.

Posted: Nov. 18, 2014


Osaka, Japan — November 18, 2014 — Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, is pleased to announce that it will begin taking orders for the FP5000 Series industrial flat-panel display supporting intuitive touch-gesture operation from today.

The FP5000 Series is an industrial flat-panel display that supports touch gesture operation and is mainly used in conjunction with industrial PCs. In recent years, intuitive touch gestures for screen operations such as scrolling and enlarging have become the norm for smartphones and tablets. However, standard touch panels use capacitive sensing technologies, meaning they will not respond unless pressed with a conductive object such as a finger or a dedicated stylus. Many manufacturers have therefore been faced with the inconvenience of being unable to use standard touch panels on the production work site, where operators commonly wear work gloves. By employing analog resistive technology in an industrial flat-panel display, Pro-face has made it possible for operators on the production work site wearing gloves to use intuitive touch-gesture operation. The FP5000 Series' use of analog resistive technology allows machines to be equipped with built-in two-touch operations aimed at preventing misoperation.

Based on our corporate slogan, Pro-face for the best interface, Pro-face aims to develop products that act as the best interface and can be connected to industrial machinery in a variety of production worksites.
FP5000 Series

Product Features of FP5000 Series

  1. Available in 15in. and 12in. sizes.
  2. Connects to industrial PCs running Windows® 8.1.
  3. Supports low-voltage operation (12V) and can be built in to battery operated devices and equipment.
  4. Can also be used in hot production-work sites such as steel plants thanks to improved maximum ambient operating temperature rating of 60℃.
  5. Withstands washing with a high-pressure cleaner during hygienic maintenance of equipment thanks to IP67F protection rating, providing improved environmental performance.
  6. Complies with CE, UL, GOST, C-Tick, KC, and other international standards.


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