<LT4000M> Start small, but realize "IoT" with Pro-face HMI

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Recently,  “IoT” had been widely known. There’s not a single day when the term, “IoT” is not seen on a news.
Preceded by that term only, customers have trouble imagining a specific effect of IoT and also they think its introduction cost is high. That’s why more customers may not be able to take the first step to adopt IoT.

A purpose of adopting IoT is to make a profit in a plant.
But they don’t want spend a large amount of money on it because its effect is not clear. In addition, they don’t want the equipment to be stopped or defects to be produced.
The point is how it is introduced with a lower cost or in an easier way.
And there are some problems associated with adoption of IoT.
For example, how can you get information from the existing equipment? or how do you analyze the acquired data?
Here’s a case of a customer who started small for adoption of IoT with solutions of Pro-face IoT-standard products.
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