Interview: Find inefficiency of lines through a user test. Resolve it smartly with a tablet.

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Have you ever heard of “UX”?
UX is short for User Experience and it means experience and satisfaction users get when using products or services. The word is often used mainly for applications or Web services, but we think the policy of UX is important also in the field of hardware products.
What is the best experience for users of your machine? Keeping it in mind and reflecting it in products is the purpose of “UX improvement”. UX does not merely mean “easy-to-use”. What users achieve and think through products is all included in UX. Generally, a manufacturer which can provide products and services that are superior in UX is hard to imitate and easily generates added value. It’s because specifications of hardware can be copied, but thought that generates an excellent UX is very difficult to copy.

One of the methods to create products that are superior in UX is a user test. It’s very simple, so we are going to introduce it to you here.

Q. Why did you first try to run user tests?

A. We’ve improved the production site hearing opinions of operators. But it’s getting difficult to improve it because the production lines have gotten complex due to renovation and expansion during the past dozen years. Then, we thought of improving it in different ways. One day, we accidentally find a user test of UX improvement. Because it seemed easy, we decided to try it.

Q.What user tests did you run?

A. It’s not a full-fledged user test. We just install some web cameras at the site ...

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