Visualize causes of short-time breakdown and improve operating rate.

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" Even short-time breakdown will create a great impact if it is repeated.
I wish I could easily see camera images to identify the cause, but there's an issue of cost. "
- Maintenance manager(Customer's comment), Korea


short-time breakdown

  Industry:  Machinery ;

  Field:  Metal component processing ;

Business need: Short-time breakdown occurs often and production runs behind schedule.

Short-time breakdown occurs often in a metal processing step.
Actually, I had not been much concerned about it. Then I heard it had occurred more frequently. So, I counted the number of times of short-time breakdown. And I found the number of occurrences was very high and the line's operating rate had been getting lower because of it.

I have to first identify the cause, but I cannot watch the line all the time. I don't know what to do.

"There's no budget for identifying the cause of short-time breakdown. 
I heard a Web camera could connect to Pro-face HMI via a USB interface. Immediately I connected a cheap Web camera and found the cause.
The problem was "Work". Feedback of this situation was provided to the previous step and the frequency of short-time breakdown has decreased by 80%."
- Maintenance manager(Customer's comment), Korea

Pro-face's solution: Connect a Web camera to HMI. See camera images as soon as an alarm occurs.

You have to identify a cause first to avoid short-time breakdown. If the equipment has the cause, thorough tuning and cleaning of the equipment will be required. If Work has the cause, the previous step may have the cause. It's the best way to see camera images in order to confirm what is the cause.

But, in the case this time, they could not install an expensive camera to only find the cause of short-time breakdown.
So, our Pro-face technical team recommended them to connect a reasonable Web camera to HMI.
Pro-face HMI, SP5000 Series allows a Web camera to be connected to it via its USB interface. When an alarm occurs, you can confirm camera images immediately. That's easy.

This time they could identify the cause of short-time breakdown in a day though they had not solved that problem for a long time. After that, they asked for improvement of Work in the previous step and succeeded in decreasing the frequency of short-time breakdown by 80%.

If you want to know more detail, please download the following PDF.