Introducing predictive maintenance prevents productivity decline

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"Raw materials got stuck in the hopper and its motor broke down. That stopped the production line for a long time. We thought thorough predictive maintenance was needed."
- Maintenance manager(Customer's comment), Australia


Food processing

  Industry: Food processing sector;

  Field: Measurement / mixing materials;

Business need: A sign of production delay was not well utilized, so fatal equipment stoppage occurred.

Because our raw materials are oily and sticky, the discharging function of the stirred hopper easily declines. When the stirred hopper's motor broke down, the production line stopped for a long time.
To prevent a recurrence of that incident, we had been investigating. And we found that when the discharging function of the stirred hopper started to decline, the process line in the next step was affected and the whole production volume was gradually decreasing. In the case this time, the production volume actually had considerably decreased by the time that breakdown occurred.
In the maintenance section, we wish to know production delay when it is occurring, but it costs a lot to introduce ANDON or establish a network. Then we were looking for a good idea.
prevent recurrence

"Pro-face suggested that we convey information to operators and make them easily understand it instead of large-scale remodeling.
A single unit of HMI can control I/O and connect to PLC. In addition, it's compact. It's amazing, isn't it?
We think it's an idea no other company comes up with."

Pro-face's solution: HMI + Controll, that is Pro-face solution.

This equipment's line was not so large. Pro-face thought it was important to know production delay on site by graphically displaying collected information instead of expensive equipment investment.

Pro-face LT4000M has HMI features and also allows I/O control and PLC connection. The LT4000M can obtain data of targets and results from PLC, display them in a graph, and control the hopper. Just a single unit of LT4000M could satisfy all the needs of customers.

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