Introduce traceability without replacing all of your current equipment

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"Our plan for new traceablity system has one major problem, it costs a lot to replace the old equipment.
But Pro-face's small units complete our traceablity system in a low-cost way.
- Production engineering manager (Customer's comment) ,Japan

  Industry: Automotive;

  Field: Assembly line handling many kinds of automotive components;

Business need: The equipment is old, traceability cannot be introduced.

In automobile industry, it is indispensable to introduce “Traceability” that is a mechanism that can trace back history of an item to find when, where, and in which product an alarm occurs and what causes, improving quality. In order to introduce “Traceability”, establishing a network is required.

But the equipment was actually old and network units compatible with the equipment were not easily available.But it costs a fortune to update all the old equipment and it’s hard to decide to go ahead with introduction.

"Pro-face brought us a groundbreaking idea ahead of any other manufacturer.
This small unit is a magical box that can attain networking of even 20-year-old devices."
- Production engineering manager (Customer's comment) ,Japan

Pro-face's solution: Add a Pro-face's small magical box, that's all.

It seemed our customers had been fed up with proposals of installing large-scale systems only.

So we, Pro-face introduced our product called "Multi-Converter(LT4000M Rear)" to them.
Using the Multi-Converter easily enables networking of old equipment at low cost and a traceability system can be installed within budget.

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