Checking test information on a tablet improves work efficiency.

Improve quality

"Every time an alarm occurs, I travel back and forth between the PC and the work pieces on the production line. I'd like to make it more effective using a tablet or smartphone."
- Line manager (Customer's comment) ,US

  Industry: Electronics;

  Field: Electronics componet manufacturing;

Business need: Because the PC is located far away from the work pieces, it takes time to recover when an alarm occurs.

Information of work pieces is shown on a panel computer in the step of inspection. But since the panel computer is far away from the work pieces, when an alarm occurs, I have to travel back and forth between the PC and the work pieces and that's not effective.

"I've easily seen the Pro-face IPC's screens on a tablet. I can identify a cause more quickly now. It's very helpful."
- Line manager(Customer's comment) ,US

Pro-face's solution: Pro-face Remote HMI solves the problem.

Pro-face Remote HMI supports IPC series as well as GP and SP series. Since you can check alarm status on a tablet or smartphone, you don't have to move away from work pieces and can speed up cause investigation.

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