[Press] Pro-face launches new market with the release of the new SP5000 Series interface terminal

Press Release
Posted: May 8, 2014


Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, has announced that it aims to create a new market by advocating the Smart Portal, a new category of HMI, to improve production efficiency by better leveraging the big data generated at production work sites and offices. As an example of a Smart Portal product, Pro-face began taking orders for its new SP5000 Series interface terminal from April 25, 2014.

Pro-face created the market for HMIs, which connect to PLCs and a variety of control equipment on the production work site, with the announcement of the world's first programmable display (HMI) in 1989. The creation of the HMI market has helped streamline the production work site by allowing users to display data in easily understood formats and by making it easy to operate machinery.

In recent years, to implement efficiency improvements on the production work site, the performance of production machinery has been improved and production work sites have become more reliant on IT. With the amount of data handled on the production work site rapidly increasing, users are looking for ways to create smart factories that leverage this big data. This trend has given rise to the need to obtain data and supply it where required in an appropriate format for efficiency improvements and the need to safely network production work sites with offices. The new SP5000 Series interface terminal has been developed to respond to these needs and promote further efficiency improvements on the production work site.

Until now, networking existing production worksite facilities with an office has necessitated the introduction of large-scale systems and the upgrading of facilities. By introducing the Smart Portal to the production work site, information such as production results and machine data, and production management data required in the office can be made smart at low cost. With the release of the SP5000 Series, Pro-face hopes to create a new Smart Portal market, which it forecasts to reach the same scale as the current HMI market within the next five years.

Based on our corporate slogan, Pro-face for the best interface, Pro-face aims to continue to develop products that act as the best interface and can be connected to industrial machinery in a variety of production work sites.

SP5000 Series
Display Module

SP5000 Series
Box Module

Combining box unit with display

Product Features of the SP5000 Series

  1. Employs 16-million-color TFT LCD multi-touch panel. Tablet-like operation planned for development. (When using Premium Display)
  2. Employs modular design and screwless box module attachment for improved maintainability when repairing or replacing.
  3. Available in 12 configurations comprising 6 display module models and 2 box module models to suit a range of applications.
  4. Supports applications that run on Windows. Use the same applications you use in the office to check manuals, analyze data, and more on the production work site. (When using Open Box)
  5. Equipped with two Ethernet ports as standard. Physically segment the office and the factory using two IPs to create a safe and easy-to-manage network connection.
  6. Equipped with two standard SIO ports and up to three USB ports. Available with a driver that can connect to a variety of equipment without the need for programs, allowing simple connection to a wide range of equipment.
  7. By using together with Pro-face's remote application software, Pro-face Remote HMI, it is possible to check and operate machinery from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  8. Compliant with various international safety standards and IP65F/IP66F/IP67F for use in a broad range of situations.


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