GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.550 released

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What's New: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.550

Support of New Feature

Newly supported Hardware

  • The ET6000 Series is now officially supported.


Updated features

  • Automatic IP assignment via DHCP client function for ST(M)6000 and SP5000 products.
  • 16M colors are now available for screen objects via RGB color selection.
  • Save custom RGB color selection for increased engineering efficiency
  • Mass address editing is now support via export/import function.
  • Define software and launch parameter via String variable in [Start Application] setting for WinGP.
  • Updated Pro-face Connect version and added dedicated [Compatible] mode in transfer setting dialog


Updated communication protocols

  • Siemens AG TIA Portal Ethernet
    LREAL data type is now supported including symbol import.
    Import larger projects TIA portal projects with improved performance.
  • Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP
    Added support for RSLogix5000 V35 including L5K file import function.
    STRING16 and STRING32 data types are now supported via the "Control/Compact/Flex Logix Series Native" driver.
  • NEW EtherNet/IP IO Scanner for STC6000 Series - HMI + Control.
    Add up to 32 devices to the Ethernet port for fast and flexible data exchange.
  • NEW TM3 Driver for the STC6000 Series - HMI + Control.
    This new I/O driver does allow to configure and map up to 8 digital and analog TM3 units.


Pro-Server EX

  • The connection key is now checked when transferring a network project.