Modern design and improved HMI usability with new GP-Pro EX parts.



We are excited to announce the latest addition of the “FLAT DESIGN” parts for GP-Pro EX in HMI Design Studio!


Flat Design is an approach to user interface design, focusing on simplicity, minimalism, and clean aesthetics.

Instead of using many color gradients, object shadows and 3-dimensional drawings, FLAT DESIGN does focus on simple, 2 dimensional parts with bright colors. This supports more meaningful interfaces that are also more efficient and easier to understand as the interface is less overloaded.

By incorporating FLAT DESIGN parts in your HMI user interface, you can create HMIs that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and feature a modern design tailored to user.


Benefits of FLAT DESIGN

Enhanced User Experience: FLAT DESIGN parts provide a clean and intuitive interface, making it easier for users to navigate and interact with HMIs.

  • Improved Readability : With its emphasis on simplicity, FLAT DESIGN ensures that information is presented in a clear and legible manner, reducing cognitive load for operators.
  • Modern Look and Feel : By incorporating FLAT DESIGN parts, you can give your HMIs a sleek and contemporary appearance, keeping up with the latest design trends.

Start updating your HMI interface or create your first FLAT DESIGN HMIs Today!
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