GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.450 released

Updates & Drivers

What's New: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.09.450

Support of New Feature

New OS support

The following products now run on Windows 11.
  • GP-Pro EX (screen editor)
  • Transfer Tool
  • Version Reverter
  • Project Comparison Tool
  • Project Converter
  • Project Converter
  • Recovery Tool
  • Pass-Through
  • WinGP
  • WinGP SDK
  • Device Data Copy Tool
  • Pro-face Remote HMI Server
  • GP-Viewer EX


  • To enhance security, changed project files to a new format. (Enhanced Project File: *.PRXE)
  • Added a new function to close the LAN communication port on the LT4000

Picture Display

  • USB storage is now available as a file location for the Image Display function.

SRAM Backup

  • You can now set USB storage as a backup/restore destination for backup memory (SRAM).
  • Offline
  • SRAM Auto Backup

PE/PS-4000,5000,6000 Series

  • In the script settings, RS422/485 is now supported as a communication format.

Enhanced Recipe

  • Now supports importing and exporting data that can be edited in the screen editing software.


  • The run time for LT4000 series and GP4110 series units has been updated to accommodate future changes to parts on the display unit.
  • Items in the [Help] menu have been updated.

Communication Driver

Upgrade to communication driver function. The following functions are now supported.
  • Schneider Electric SA Uni-Telway - ST6000/STM6000 series are now supported
  • Mitsubishi Electric Co., FX Series Computer Link
  • Mitsubishi Electric Co., FX Series CPU Direct
  • Mitsubishi Electric Co., FX Series Ethernet
  • Mitsubishi Electric Co., Q Series CPU Direct
  • Mitsubishi Electric Co., Q Series QnU CPU Ethernet
  • Mitsubishi Electric Co., iQ-R/F Ethernet (SLMP Client)
  • Keyence Corporation KV-700 - 8000 SIO
  • Keyence Corporation KV-700 - 8000 Ethernet - You can now set up actions that operate when writing specific bits to a word device.
  • Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP - RSLogix5000 software version Ver.34 and earlier are supported by the L5K import function.
  • CoDeSys Automation AllianceCoDeSys V3 Ethernet - You can now select the storage order of words in 32-bit data.
  • ODVA EtherNet/IP Explicit Messaging - Number of device/PLC connections has increased. / EDS file is now supported. / The [Output Only] setting in the Implicit Messaging function is now supported.