Important notification to customer using GP-Pro EX Ver .2.7. and GP-Pro EX Ver.3.0.

Thank you very much for your continuous use of Pro-face products. We have confirmed the following symptoms on GP4000M Series. The symptom and corrective measures for this problem are indicated below. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Symptom Descriptions

In the following target versions of the HMI Screen Editor & logic programming software, "GP-Pro EX", after transfer the project file to the GP4000M series with the transfer tool and the memory loader, the GP4000M series is in the process of starting (the screen after the first start indicator is displayed), the screen may go black and No response of touching the screen.

Products and Versions Affected

HMI Screen Editor & logic programming software, GP-Pro EX:

Product Model PFXEXEDV27, PFXEXEDV30
Target Version GP-Pro EX Ver 2.70.000 to Ver 3.01.203
How to confirm a version Click on [Help(H)]→[Version Information(A)] to confirm
Programmable HMI:
Target Models All models for GP4000M Series
Revision PFXGM4201TAD PV:05 RL:14  SV:7.0 or later
PFXGM4301TAD PV:05 RL:16  SV:7.0 or later
PFXGM4B01D PV:05 RL:7  SV:7.0 or later
How to check the revision number Refer to this page.
How to confirm a version On the offline menu of the main unit.


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