Important Notice for Pro-face website users

Posted: July 20, 2016
Thank you for your continued use of the Pro-face website.

Pro-face is dedicated to providing our customers with best customer service. Part of that mission is our effort to continuously improve your online experience. We constantly work to improve our websites and online tools.

In August 2016, we will be bringing you a new Pro-face online experience. Our new website will combine all of the Pro-face product and support information websites and information systems into a single website. This new site will offer many advantages, including mobile-friendly responsive design and better tools to give you the best online support in the industry. There are also important changes in how to access the site.

Pro-face Website Renewal Date

August 1, 2016

New Features

Our new site will give you a better experience on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Responsive design will adjust to your device and navigation has been improved for touchscreen users.

Improved product selector and comparison tools, to help you find the perfect products faster than ever.

More than ever before, our site is designed to integrate product support, solutions and sample applications, tutorials, and more content into a seamless online experience.

Important Notes

Login method will Change

Users will now login with email address instead of username. To protect your personal information and simplify management of your profile, we have changed our site login method.
  • Before
    [Otasuke Membership user ID] and [Password]
  • After
    [Mail address] and [Password]
(Use the same mail address and password entered when registering Otasuke Pro Membership. No update is required.)

New Account creation, Profile change freeze

Account update and new account creation will not be available July 29 to July 31 due to system updates.

For Users with multiple accounts

If you previously had created user accounts to access the Pro-face websites in multiple languages, you may have been forced to maintain multiple accounts. This will no longer be necessary, as one account will now allow you to access all of the Pro-face special tools and contents. Please continue to use the site with your current account. When the systems is unified, older unused accounts will be deactivated, and your most recent account will allow you to access all Pro-face online resources.

* Please note that on Pro-face sites for some areas, including China and Europe, improved login will be available later in 2016.