Important notice regarding use of the RAID feature for PS5000 Series

Posted: Jun. 21, 2016
Thank you very much for your continuous use of Pro-face products.
We’ve found a feature that cannot be used is included in some contents describing the RAID features for PS5000 Series.
We will report it as described below.
We apologize to those who use or plan to use this feature for the inconveniences this may cause.

Description of the feature

The RAID feature of PS5000 does not support HDD exchange by hot-swap. Shut down the system before replacing HDD. The contents including incorrect descriptions of use are as follows;


PS5000 Series User Manual (Modular Type)
  • P25 Box 0-Slot Description
    P25 Box 0-Slot Description

  • P27 Box 2-Slot Description
    P27 Box 2-Slot Description

  • P95 HDD/SSD Drive Installation
    P95 HDD/SSD Drive Installation

Web Site

PS5000 Series Product Pages
  • The feature and spec pages have been modified.

Products and Versions Affected

Series PS5000 Series
Product Model Modular Type: PFXPU2**********00, PFXPP2**********00
Box Type: PFXP*2B*********00
Feature of the use RAID level 1 (which performs mirroring)
Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RST)


PS5000 Series can write the same data in two drives by using the mirroring (RAID 1) feature. Even if one of the drives gets broken, swapping the drives can recover the system. Be sure to follow the steps below when swapping the drives.

Drive exchange procedure
Shut down the system ⇒ Swap the drives ⇒ Restart the system


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