Silex technology Testimonials (Visualization CNC with HMI + Data converter)

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Silex Technology chose a system that works with Pro-face HMI as a solution for CNC visualization. We interviewed them about the advantages of Pro-face HMI and why they chose it.

" The machine tool itself has a control panel, and if you press the menu button, you can see how many parts were made and which programs are running. You can see what the machine is doing. But that's just visualization by only eye. It's required to automatically store the data in a separate location, analyze it, and analyze the necessary information. However, tools that can be used to store the data across machine tool manufacturers are not yet available in the market.  With an HMI, data can be stored flexibly using only the processing on the HMI side. So, it is possible to respond speedily to data visualization of what you want to see."
Let's discover more from the video.

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