HDDPFXZPBHDD502500 GBcheckmark
PFXZPBHDD10021 TBcheckmark
SSDPFXZPESSD8180 GBcheckmark
PFXZPESSD161160 GBcheckmark
PFXZPBSSD242240 GBcheckmark
CFast卡PFXZPECFA16216 GBcheckmark


介面卡PFXZPBMPR42P2RS-422 / 485 Isolated x 2checkmark
PFXZPBMPR44P2RS-422 / 485 x 4checkmark
PFXZPBMPR22P2RS-232C Isolated x 2checkmark
PFXZPBMPR24P2RS-232C x 4checkmark
PFXZPBMPX16Y82Digital input x 16 / Digital output x 8checkmark
PFXZPBMPCANM2CANopen master x 2checkmark
PFXZPBMPPBM2Profibus DP master x 1 with NVRAM 128KBcheckmark
PFXZPBMPRE2Gigabit Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 BASE-TX with IEEE1588 x 1checkmark

Front USB 線CA5-USBEXT-01Extension cable for attaching to USB port on front panel (1 m)checkmark


Pro-face Remote HMI (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) V*.*PFXEXRHIOSV**Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on iPhone, iPad and iPod touchcheckmark
Pro-face Remote HMI
(Android) V*.*
PFXEXRHANDV**Software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on Android OScheckmark
Pro-face Remote HMI Free (Android) V*.*PFXEXRHANDTRV**Free software to operate Pro-face HMI screen on tablets or smartphones with Android OScheckmark
Pro-face Remote HMI ServerPFXEXRHSLSSoftware to operate Windows programs via the Pro-face Remote HMI APP on any Android or iOS device, single licensecheckmark
GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.05 or laterPFXEXEDV**Screen-creation softwarecheckmark
GP-Pro EX Editor License*1PFXEXEDLSV**GP-Pro EX editor licensecheckmark
GP-Pro EX Editor Group License*210 licensesPFXEXGRPLS**10GP-Pro EX editor group licensecheckmark
WinGP for IPCEX-WINGP-IPCRuntime license on Pro-face's IPC, for using the screen data created with the screen editor GP-Pro EXcheckmark
Pro-Server EX DeveloperPFXEXSDVV**Software that connects a PC to a GP4000 / 3000 via Ethernet and collects and transmits datacheckmark
Pro-Server EX Developer License *3EX-SED-LICENSEPro-Server EX developer licensecheckmark
Pro-Server EX Runtime License*4EX-SRT-LICENSEPro-Server EX runtime licensecheckmark
MES Action LicenseEX-MES-LICENSE-V**License key permitting Pro-Server EX to access a databasecheckmark
GP-Viewer EX1 licenseEX-VIEWER-LICENSELicense allowing PS5000 to access Pro-face HMI in remote mode.checkmark
10 licensesEX-VIEWER-LICENSE-10checkmark
30 licensesEX-VIEWER-LICENSE-30checkmark

EZ 系列 *5

EZ 三色漸層LED警示燈圓型底座管狀安裝款PFXZCETWHA1USB connection type monolithic EZ Tower Light tube mounting with fixing platecheckmark
EZ 三色漸層LED警示燈直接安裝款PFXZCETWW1USB connection type monolithic EZ Tower with base mountingcheckmark
EZ 指示燈開關PFXZCCEUSG1A unit of 5 illuminated switches with multiple color LED easily connected with IPC via USBcheckmark
EZ 外接鍵盤PFXZCCEUKB1A unit of ten-key pad easily connected with IPC via USBcheckmark
EZ 指紋辨識模組PFXZCCEUSS1A unit of fingerprint identification easily connected with IPC via USBcheckmark


Screen Protection SheetPFXZPPDSP102For 10" wide screen model (5 pcs)checkmark
PFXZPPDSP152For 15" wide screen model (5 pcs)checkmark
AC Power Supply Unit
PFXZPSPUAC2AC / DC power adapter for PS5000 slim panel PC Atomcheckmark
Disk Adapter Unit
PFXZPSADSSD2Adapter for HDD/SSD/Optional interface card of 輕薄型 (Atom機種)checkmark
VESA Adaptor
PFXZPSADVS102For PS-5501Wcheckmark
PFXZPSADVS152For PS-5701Wcheckmark


DC Power Supply ConnectorPFXZPBCNDC2DC power connectors (5 pcs)checkmark
GasketPFXZPPWG102For 10" wide screen modelcheckmark
PFXZPPWG152For 15" wide screen modelcheckmark
Installation FastenerPFXZPPAF12P2Installation fastener for PS5000 Series (12 pcs.)checkmark

*1 Purchase this product when installing GP-Pro EX in a second or subsequent PC. One license is required for each PC.

*2 Group License consists of one set of Serial No. / Key Code for installation on 10 PCs. (Should be used in the same office.)

*3 Purchase this product when installing the settings editor and Run time in subsequent PCs.

*4 Purchase this license when installing only Run time in subsequent PCs. One license is required for each PC.

*5 EZ Series can only be used together with the WinGP Software.